Trans-Dapt Performance Products Transmission Fluid Filter Systems are compact, and provide better flow than other systems of it's kind. System includes a Trans-Dapt compact oil filter. They quickly install between the transmission fluid cooler and transmission. For use with virtually any Transmission or cooler. Uses Trans-Dapt 1156 compact oil filter, PH8A or equivalent filter.
Part # ProductDescriptionFinishMaterialBolt Hole QuantityHose Bust PressureHose IDHose Temperature RangeHose Thickness Media
1055 Remote Transmission Filter Mounting Base and Filter Nipple (Only); 1/4" NPT Ports Cast Aluminum
1155 TRANSMISSION Fluid Filtering System- 3/8" Hoses Cast Aluminum31200 psi3/8"-40 F to +212 F1/8"
Photo Installation Instructions
1255 TRANSMISSION Fluid Filtering System- 1/2" Hoses Cast Aluminum31200 psi1/2"-40 F to +212 F1/8"
Photo Installation Instructions